Aging: Age is Not Just a Number

Being older is the same as being younger in many respects. That’s what I think anyway. I’ll be 53 this month and my needs and wants are not much different than they were at 35. I continue to want love,...Read More →

Making Sense of an Autism Diagnosis

Remember when autism used to be the rarest of conditions? When it would conjure up either Rain Man or the one autistic person you’d ever met in your life? For me, it was the boy at the beach who walked...Read More →

Jealousy: I Was Decidedly NOT Jealous

It all started 21 years ago when we immigrated to the United States and joined our local YMCA, where I enrolled in yoga classes with an instructor I shall name Kate. I would come home raving about them...Read More →

Time for a Marriage Break?

Do you ever wish you could mute your spouse when he’s (my spouse is a “he”) telling the same “joke” he has told 137 times and which you’ve made abundantly clear is not funny AT ALL?  Have you fantasized...Read More →

The Gift of Uncertainty

Uncertainty is not all bad. Far from it: it can be a gift that forces you to actively write the story of your life. Imagine this hypothetical life: You’re born into a well-to-do family. Your father’s ...Read More →


Covid hits home I’m done with this stupid pandemic, especially when it intersects with birthdays, Catholic mass and Diego’s autism, as it has during the first month of 2022. My son Diego is obsessed...Read More →