My Hamilton Obsession

I became obsessed with the musical Hamilton when it was released on Disney+ a few months into the pandemic. Given the lockdown and all, I watched it to my heart’s content, surely annoying my husband...Read More →

Ageism: We’re ALL Ageist

Our friends Ana and Pedro came over one night to toast their purchase of a new home. They were really excited about the renovations they were planning, the shrubs they’d plant, the generator they’d...Read More →

Autism Life: NEVER a Dull Moment

‍“God created autism to help offset the excessive number of boring people on earth.” Or so I read on my Linkedin feed the other day. Wish I could credit the quote, but my research led to no particular...Read More →

Fear of Flying: Irrational but Real

Dear pilot,Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Daniella and I'm a phobic passenger. What's my phobia? You guessed it: fear of flying.My fear's so intense I take a dose of clonazepam half an hour...Read More →