Venezuelans, People of the Line

One September morning in 2022, while waiting in line at a Venezuelan Embassy, I befriended a man by the name of Ivan Daniel. He was the person right before me, number 14 I reckon, as I was number 15 on...Read More →

Why I Side with the Quiet Quitters

Let’s get on the same page and agree on a definition for quiet quitting, seeing as different people use the term to refer to different work practices. I’m going with the language from a 17-second TikTok...Read More →

The Reason I Will Never Have a Dog

I’m obsessed with dogs. Specifically, I’m obsessed with how crazy people are about their dogs. In a way, it has come as a relief to finally learn why I’ve never understood the dog-human attachment: I ...Read More →

Why I Write

By the time I picked up running fifteen years ago, I already had a special relationship with words and language. In college, one of my majors was French and I’d also gotten a graduate degree in translation...Read More →

It Was NOT a Shotgun Wedding

Cesar and I were married just nine months after we met. It was not a shotgun wedding, as we reckon some assumed. We were madly in love. But we didn’t marry for love only. We married because any real...Read More →