Why I Side with the Quiet Quitters

Let’s get on the same page and agree on a definition for quiet quitting, seeing as different people use the term to refer to different work practices. I’m going with the language from a 17-second TikTok...Read More →

The Reason I Will Never Have a Dog

I’m obsessed with dogs. Specifically, I’m obsessed with how crazy people are about their dogs. In a way, it has come as a relief to finally learn why I’ve never understood the dog-human attachment: I ...Read More →

Why I Write

By the time I picked up running fifteen years ago, I already had a special relationship with words and language. In college, one of my majors was French and I’d also gotten a graduate degree in translation...Read More →

It Was NOT a Shotgun Wedding

Cesar and I were married just nine months after we met. It was not a shotgun wedding, as we reckon some assumed. We were madly in love. But we didn’t marry for love only. We married because any real...Read More →

Aging: Age is Not Just a Number

Being older is the same as being younger in many respects. That’s what I think anyway. I’ll be 53 this month and my needs and wants are not much different than they were at 35. I continue to want love,...Read More →

Making Sense of an Autism Diagnosis

Remember when autism used to be the rarest of conditions? When it would conjure up either Rain Man or the one autistic person you’d ever met in your life? For me, it was the boy at the beach who walked...Read More →