What Do Teachers Really Do in Summer?

There's a widely held belief that the greatest perk of being a teacher is the long summer vacation. I'm a teacher and I agree. By perk, I mean tangible, measurable compensation: pay, health insurance,...Read More →

I Am Simply Human

People think I’m a good person but I’m not. There is good in me but also a lot of bad. This story is about my worst self in my role as mother of a son with developmental disabilities.  I Am Selfish When...Read More →

I’m Ready to Go Gray

I seriously considered going gray three years ago during the lockdown. After much soul-searching and extensive consultation with family and friends, I realized it wasn’t time. It felt like an identity...Read More →

Autism, Superpowers, Dogs and Love

Winter is treadmill running season for me, and given my nerdy, guilt-driven personality, I can’t just watch Netflix series for entertainment. I also must watch educational type content -you know,...Read More →