About Daniella

WomanHi Ponderers!

I’m a very lucky person. I have a job I find immensely fulfilling and a labor of love on the side. The job is teaching special education and the labor of love is this blog, Public Ponder.

I started out writing about parenting and all I’ve learned from Diego, my 28-year-old autistic and cognitively challenged son. I now write about everything that bewilders me about the human experience, including why habits matter, why I got Botox, what success means, why independence is overvalued, why it’s so hard to admit our mistakes, and why immigrants make great citizens.

My goal here is to explore and enrich my human experience, whatever it might be. In the process, I aim to help you do the same.

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My personal principles:

  • Do the good that’s in front of you (from meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzberg).
  • Face all (irrational) fears.
  • Always ask myself: Would it help? (from the movie Bridge of Spies).
  • Doubt my certainties.
  • Stay curious.
  • Every minute counts.

Something I repeat to myself several times daily:

“The rest of my life starts NOW.”