About Daniella

Hi Ponderers!

I started out writing about parenting and all Iโ€™ve learned from Diego, my 30-year-old autistic and cognitively challenged son. I now write about everything that bewilders me about the human experience, including aging, habits, getting Botox, what success means, why independence is overvalued, why itโ€™s so hard to admit our mistakes, and why I quit my teaching job after 17 years.

My aim is to explore, laugh about, and enrich the human experience, mine AND YOURS -whatever it might be.

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My principles:

  • Do the good that’s in front of you (from meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzberg).
  • Face all (irrational) fears.
  • Always ask myself: Would it help? (from the movie Bridge of Spies).
  • Doubt my certainties.
  • Stay curious.
  • Every minute counts.

Something I try to remind myself of frequently:

โ€œThe rest of my life starts NOW.โ€