My Hamilton Obsession

I became obsessed with the musical Hamilton when it was released on Disney+ a few months into the pandemic. Given the lockdown and all, I watched it to my heart’s content, surely annoying my husband...Read More →

Seneca on the Power of Words

“Words need to be sown like seeds. No matter how tiny a seed may be, when it lands in the right sort of ground it unfolds its strength and from being minute expands and grows to a massive size… Yes,...Read More →

Your Temperament Is Not a Good Excuse

"The active man should be able to take things easily, while the man who is inclined towards repose should be capable of action.” Seneca the Younger, in Letters from a Stoic The Stoics, in general, were...Read More →

On Anger: Can Anger Lead to Insanity?

“The outcome of violent anger is a mental raving, and therefore anger is to be avoided not for the sake of moderation but for the sake of sanity.” Seneca the Younger, in Letters from a Stoic Anger, it...Read More →