Running and Autism: Why Any Run with Diego’s an Adventure

Running with Diego is about much more than health and fitness.

Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

But it’s not possible to just see if he can do it independently. It’s one of those high stakes learning goals where you have to achieve 100% mastery. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up dead.

Diego always wants to talk, talk, talk, talk while we run. It’s exhausting just to hear him. Luckily, once in a a while, I’m able to get him to engage in a few minutes of quiet time.

Today, we were one minute and twenty-tree seconds into quiet time when we ran past a bed of yellow flowers. Diego couldn’t help it. He exclaimed. “Hello flowers from Alice in Wonderland!” We passed a certain bank and he remarked, “Chase what matters.”

As usual, our run ended with celebratory words: “I love you. Give me a hug because I did it. Let’s tell dad I did good running. I ran like a leopard and Simba and Nala.”

Man standing on a wharf
This is the bay we often run to.

Originally published on Runner’s Life 

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