How Much Is My Son’s Life Worth?

Many years after 9/11, I read an article in The New York Times (Putting a Price of the Priceless: One Life, September 9, 2007) about how families of 9/11 victims were compensated. As I was reading it,...Read More →

On Common Sense & Luxury Cars

In the beautiful nation of Venezuela -where I'm from- the majority of people live in poverty. They may not have a high school education. They may live in a shack with ten other family members and have...Read More →

My Son’s Braces Came Off!

My son Diego, who’s 26 and has autism, got braces on February 2, 2019. They came off on January 16, 2020. For 350 days straight, at least once or twice a day, I was meticulous with his oral hygiene. I...Read More →