I’m Ready to Go Gray

I seriously considered going gray three years ago during the lockdown. After much soul-searching and extensive consultation with family and friends, I realized it wasn’t time. It felt like an identity...Read More →

Aging: Age is Not Just a Number

Being older is the same as being younger in many respects. That’s what I think anyway. I’ll be 53 this month and my needs and wants are not much different than they were at 35. I continue to want love,...Read More →

Jealousy: I Was Decidedly NOT Jealous

It all started 21 years ago when we immigrated to the United States and joined our local YMCA, where I enrolled in yoga classes with an instructor I shall name Kate. I would come home raving about them...Read More →

Time for a Marriage Break?

Do you ever wish you could mute your spouse when he’s (my spouse is a “he”) telling the same “joke” he has told 137 times and which you’ve made abundantly clear is not funny AT ALL?  Have you fantasized...Read More →

The Gift of Uncertainty

Uncertainty is not all bad. Far from it: it can be a gift that forces you to actively write the story of your life. Imagine this hypothetical life: You’re born into a well-to-do family. Your father’s ...Read More →