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Brothers sitting on sofa
Andres and Diego

Covid hits home

I’m done with this stupid pandemic, especially when it intersects with birthdays, Catholic mass and Diego’s autism, as it has during the first month of 2022.

My son Diego is obsessed with birthdays, especially his own, which was ten days ago. For at least two weeks preceding the Big 28th, he was “notifying” everyone on the planet to make sure they would observe it somehow.

Things got more dramatic when Diego and his brother Andres caught COVID nine days before the Big Day. Diego, fortunately, was asymptomatic and could deal with having “tested positive” (as opposed to really having COVID) and isolating for five days, as the Centers for Disease Control now tells the fully immunized and boosted to do these days.

One of the routines Diego was alarmed to miss was Saturday mass with his Abuela. No matter, he had his brother find a Catholic mass on YouTube and settled on the sofa to watch it by himself. Thirty minutes into the service, he walked into Andres’s room, hand outstretched, and said, “Peace be with you.”

Since then, Diego pulls mass up on YouTube whenever the spirit moves him, and the spirit has been moving him ever more frequently. The other day I found him listening to “a reading from the Gospel according to Diego and Cesar,” and to “a reading from the Gospel according to Luke Evans”. (Luke Evans plays the villain Gaston in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live-action film.)

A cruel, cruel virus

Let me explain: Who knows how many times I’ve been in close contact with infected individuals, seeing as every day I spend hours with 4-year-olds whose masks (hard as I try to avoid it) are wet with saliva or down to their chin? Any one of them might have had COVID while in school but shown no symptoms.

I actually felt silly about wearing a mask at home so I didn’t catch COVID from my sons. Ridiculous or not, I masked up around them —mostly. I always end up doing (again, mostly) what the scientists over at the CDC ask of us in terms of mitigation strategies and getting immunized. I figure they’re more likely to be right than my friend who sells insurance, and my vaccinated/ boosted relative who insisted on getting tested every day for six days straight because her boyfriend tested positive.

Pandemic predictions

Oh, one more thing I venture to write with conviction: Getting vaccinated is a no-brainer.

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