Bribery: I Bribed an Airport Official for All the Wrong Reasons

What would it take to corrupt you?

person on ski lift
Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

No, I wasn’t escaping political persecution, war, death threats from the mafia, poverty, or marital abuse.

I thought of myself as a stand-up citizen. It turns out the possibility of missing a short leisure trip was all it took to corrupt me.

What would it take to corrupt you?

Like I’ve written before, I’ve enjoyed too many privileges in my life, and I have sometimes taken advantage of them for purely selfish reasons. This is just an instance that haunts me a bit.

Go ahead and judge. I do it all the time. Few things are more uplifting than feeling self-righteous.

🎧 YouTube link: I committed bribery for all the wrong reasons

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